Welcome. Thanks for visiting my dot com. What follows is some stuff about me. I an experienced videographer, director and social media marketer.I would describe myself as a creative raconteur. I have worked in video production professionally for 10 years and corporate marketing for three years. I appreciate having the creative freedom to take an idea from conception to completion. I've also spent time working on successful viral marketing campaigns and social media content creation.

I'm currently the Media Director at Artec Industries, responsible for creating marketing videos, photos, and graphics. I worked as a marketing specialist at DishOne Satellite for over two years. While in college I managed internal video production for the Brigham Young University Football team. I also co-founded the Hip-Hop/Lifestyle brand James The Mormon and helped manage a team that reached number one on the iTunes Hip-Hop Charts and BILLBOARD. I like to stay busy, so I also work as a freelance photographer and videographer. I have worked on diverse kinds of projects, from automotive, corporate, commercials, lifestyle, kickstarter, sports, weddings, music videos and everything in between.

I have a BA in Communications from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in journalism, digital and social media. 

I like to do work that is both visually engaging and imparts an emotion to the audience. 

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Cheers! -Sam Wilder

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sam wilder